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Just A Bite of Coffee and Ice Cream

Her great claim to fame was that she failed Freshman English Lit. Twice. How is it even possible to fail English Lit? Think about it. This is a course that has no real requirements, save that you show up and say something. Yes, you’re supposed to read the novel that everyone else is also reading. […]

Too Much Information

This story is a test. Seriously, it’s a test to see whether I can magically change the future. Really. I know you don’t believe me, but let me explain. For the past three weeks, I’ve been dreaming the future. Actually, it’s been 20 days. Today will be day 21. It may have been going on […]

The Confidant of Jericho

From the moment they appeared at my door, I knew the two men weren’t from around here. The first of them introduced himself as Salmon, told me they were seeking my services, said that Avi had sent them. I looked him in the eye for a few seconds. Good-looking, not too eager. I try to […]

Only the Lonely

All those days sitting through Mrs. Owens’s seventh-grade algebra class, then years staring through Reverend Hardy’s sermons, and now centuries yawning through business meetings, she would have thought she’d have gotten used to the experience. She shifted in her seat, as the company CEO flipped to another PowerPoint slide, animatedly spewing the latest rendition of […]

Baby Boy

Ted Jackson reclined on a park bench at lunch thinking about what it was like to turn 30. The overcast sky had provided him a brief respite from the drizzling rain, and so he decided to stroll through a nearby park during his lunch hour. He wasn’t much hungry, because his mind was full of […]

A Bad Job Two-fer: Living Inside a Top/A Tribute to Lorelai

The following two poems reflect the angst of working in a bad job, a dysfunctional employer-employee relationship. It can stress you out, depress you, and make you cry. Sometimes, the only act that can save you is sending your resume to another potential employer, because that’s what gives you hope and makes you feel a […]

The Widow’s Granddaughter

The revised version of “The Widow’s Granddaughter” is now available as a free downloadable eBook: Click here for PDF format. Click here for ePub format. Click here for Mobi/Kindle format. -TimK

A Comedian’s Motive

Why do I put myself through it? That’s a good question. I mean, why venture out on that stage? Just to tell jokes? I don’t think so. Yeah, there are all the standard reasons–and I’ve even told myself a few–about how laughter is healing, and people need me, and I help them, and a chuckle […]

Two Dirty Little Words

The following story contains gratuitous profanity. Little Cam Smith and River Jones huddled around the former’s desk during third-period Social Studies. The teacher thought they were preparing their report on the history of woman U.S. Presidents, or what modern archeology has discovered about Hitler’s Germany, or the countries of the Antarctic, or some other subject […]


She sneaks out of the house while no one is looking and heads to the bad side of the city. Her husband is upstairs reading to the kids, and she is supposedly catching up on her email. As far as she knows, no one realizes she is gone. She strolls down the sidewalk under the […]